Wanna sleep like a baby? Try this

1. Try relaxation & deep breathing exercises

Put things into perspective before you become upset or angry. Look into some relaxation techniques and deep breathing exercises.

2. Exercise regularly

Exercise increases heart and lung fitness while reducing stress, anxiety, and insomnia. It also raises your endorphin levels — the natural “mood elevators” produced by the brain. Endorphins reduce pain, relax muscles, and produce feelings of well being. As a result, sleep will be deeper and more restful. Even something as simple as brisk walking can have a positive effect if done regularly.

3. Keep mentally stimulated

Boredom can actually keep you awake! If you’re physically and mentally active, you’re less likely to have a poor sleep problem.

4. Eat properly

Limit your intake of fat and fried foods. Avoid eating a large or heavy meal within two to three hours of bedtime. While such a meal can make you feel drowsy at first, you’ll probably toss and turn during the night.

 5. Take a warm bath before bed

Just before bedtime (1-2 hours before sleeping), take bath with warm water. This will send blood away from the brain to the skin surfaces, and make you feel relaxed and drowsy. Your body temperature, raised by the warm water, will soon drop if you have a moderately cool bedroom. This will initiate sleepiness and more deep sleep.

6. Establish a bedtime ritual

Establish a bedtime ritual. Read good books. Take your mind off the day’s busy-ness by venturing into the sublime thoughts.

7. Try Sound Bath

The universe expands through sound and it is sound that is manifested in all the forms in and around us. Science is also finding that the nerves conduct through sound. Music, Mantras and rhythmic sounds can alter the human consciousness .Sound healing, however, goes way beyond and impacts the frequency of each and every cell of our body by altering the frequency of mind. By doing so, it reverses the disease in the body and heals it faster

This alteration of frequency can surely help you get a sound sleep.

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