At Pause n Learn Wellness Studio, Yoga is not just about learning and mastering new postures. It’s about getting connected with the flow of life at all the levels of our existence viz. Body Mind and Soul. It’s about discovering your inner peace and conducting your life from that deeper Zone of Self

People’s Say

  • Superb experience. The entire ambience was so relaxing. Met "myself" in the sound healing session. Parenting session was insightful. Thanks, a Pausenlearn team for such a fantastic experience.

    Smita Jain

    Chief Learning Officer, Little Millenium

  • Extremely happy to be part of Pause n Learn. Its been three months of Yoga Practice and it has already filled me with real energy and encouraged me to embrace small happenings with a positive outlook. I feel I am more connected to nature these days. Ankur Sir teaches us different kinds of yoga asanas, meditation and pranayama and takes us through a deep understanding of our spiritual well being. He cares a lot for his students to do yoga with right posture and alignment. I feel its a great place to bring a change in one's life

    Roshni Gaur

    Content Manager, Bajaj Finserv

  • As the name suggests, one should really Pause and Learn. This is the best place to take a pause and rejuvenate with Yoga and Sound Healing. Big thanks to owners of this place, Ankur and Manjiri for introducing to sound healing.

    Mohnish Katre

    CFO, Profit Books

  • Pause n Learn .. There are no words to describe the change it has brought in my life .. Ankur Bhaiya and Manjhiri Didi are very learned and they gently guide you to a more holistic way of living , I love the yoga sessions and the sound healing sessions ,I Feel at peace with myself , my energy is high & positive and I give the entire credit to PnL wellness studio :)Highly recommend to anyone who want to lead a healthier life !

    Sheetal Ramkumar

    Founder, White Globe Pvt Ltd

  • "Pause and learn" …. the name of this studio…. actually teaches you to take a pause in our extremely busy and stressful lives and learn to appreciate a lot of positive things around… This studio is a solution for a wellbeing mental and physical health

    Shruti Rau


  • Have you ever seen real magic? If not visit this place. It is beautiful as your mothers love and authentic as a smile of a child. Your mind will meet your soul here.

    Subhash trivedi

    Partner, Be More Travel

  • Truly amazing experience, have been taking yoga classes from Pausenlearn and it has had a tremendous positive impact. Strongly recommend this to everyone.

    Vickye Jain

    Associate Partner, ZS Inc, Pune

Yoga Classes

At Studio, Wellness is not only limited to the body postures or mere inhalation exhalation exercises. It is a self-enabling journey of bringing the much-desired balance in life. The trainers help people translate attain the lost Harmony through Yogasanas, Mindful Meditation techniques and Pranayam

Our programs are offered covering a range of areas like

  • Stress relief
  • Women Wellness
  • Workplace health issues
  • Detoxification of mind and body, etc
  • General fitness
  • Weight loss
  • Medical issues
  • Spine strengthening
  • Digestive disorders

Sound Healing

Since time immemorial sound has played an important role in healing human mind, body and soul. The ancient mystics knew it and therefore used it as a healing tool to cure many ailments and problems. Ragas, musical instruments, songs have always been scientifically and logically used to harmonize the listener’s mind and body. Modern science is also picking interest in using music as a cure in their therapies with coma and brain ill patients.

With the right sounds and scientific process, our mind can be aligned for peace and harmony and we can get rid of stress, insomnia, hypertension, depression, anxiety, anger, and many such disturbed state of mental and physical health.

Results have shown encouraging results in cases of Dementia, Cerebral Atrophy, auto-immune disorders like cancer and multiple sclerosis as well.

At PnL studio, we offer individual and group sound healing sessions to achieve the aforesaid.

Teachers Training

We train those who want to share the message forward. Those who are passionately looking to help others, we help by training them, both theoretically and practically, in the ancient science of Yoga. The meticulously designed ‘Train the Trainers’ program take you through a phased journey of well crafted modules at basic – intermediate – and advance level.


Pause n Learn Wellness Studio, Fountain Road, Kharadi, Pune