In the present times when kids and younger ones are finding it difficult to connect with the elders, the parents are finding it tough to rear their children and when the societal influences are high and we worry about the child’s future, we often feel the need to take a pause and revisit this unique responsibility of Parenting with more care and attention.

At Pause n Learn, we offer Compassionate Parenting sessions and help parents rear their child better. The importance of understanding the child’s body language, letting them fail and learn, ensuring their holistic development, refining their personality and transforming them as good humans, and above all Being and Making is explored in these sessions

PnL helps parents build a strong bonding with the kids and create cherishing memories thereby creating a peaceful and harmonious family environment.

We strongly recommend parents to ‘STOP INFLUENCING, START INSPIRING’

Program highlights

  • Handling your child’s Temperament and emotional needs
  • Sowing the seeds of Self Discipline
  • Understanding what your child is not able to communicate through words.
  • Preparing Children for the world outside home
  • Understanding what’s going on in your teenager’s brain
  • Goals, Friends, Gadgets – Enable them to make the Right choice

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Child Birth Education

Child Birth Education

Womb is the place to learn

It’s proven that most of the development of a child takes place inside the mother’s womb. Ideally, the preparation for conception should start 3-4 months prior conception. We believe that pregnancy should be by choice and not by chance, so should be carefully planned and managed giving the parents a complete control during the development of fetus.

Our wide spectrum of counseling sessions and discussions with couple help them-

  • Invoke a divine soul
  • Enhance chances of conception
  • Holistic development of fetus in womb
  • Preparing Children for the world outside home
  • Improved chances of natural and healthy delivery
  • Having a virtuous, kind hearted, intelligent child with holistic development of personality
  • The sessions ensure personal care and advice to the would be mothers, helping the couple cope up with the emotional and physiological changes during this journey of motherhood and offering them consultation on lifestyle issues like food, yoga, meditation, preparing for the upcoming responsibilities etc.

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    Rekindle Relations

    Rekindle Relations

    People with higher self esteem, contentment and peace of mind are often found to have healthy relations with their family, friends and partners. Healthy relations not only provide us with support, affection, care and love, but also ensure that they are there when needed the most. However, when relationships go wrong, they can be a source of distress and sorrow. Therefore we need to learn to be emotionally intelligent.

    In the lack of Emotional Intelligence, we often fail to understand ours and our partner’s emotions and end up in miserable situations.

    Time to take a Pause and Learn to Rekindle Relations.

    Join our counseling sessions and get self help for rekindling the lost spirit in relations and reap happiness from them. Get advice from experts and assistance to implement it in relations

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    Sound Healing


    PnL offers its counseling and support services to individuals, couples, parents, groups, youth, house wives and working professionals with the objective of bringing a mindful shift in their state of being. By changing the perspective one can feel the drastic change in the outside content of life. Our main focus in the counseling sessions is the help the participant understand life in its deeper dimensions and getting
    rooted within Self.

    These discussion based sessions enable the participants to become IN-DEPENDENT and create a better life by ‘Being’.

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    Mind body wellness

    Mind body wellness

    Fatigued? Depleted? Tired? Depressed? Anxious? Fearful? Stressed?
    Do you want to bring back aliveness in life?
    Do you want to live more energetic and happy life?

    Pause and explore our Wellness solutions that create balance and peace of mind while developing a greater understanding of the self, which is required to cope wiyh today’s demanding circumstances. At Pause n Learn, the concept of wellness links the mind, body and spirit together.

    The yoga and wellness sessions addresses the following-

    • Physical ailments & their yogic solutions
    • Mind Body Correlation
    • Effect of mind on Body Physiology
    • Mind Detox solutions
    • Self healing
    • Sound Healing

    These sessions are organized on ‘demand’ for- groups, organizations and individuals