Who Should Attend?

Unleash the secret of true and permanent happiness. Experiential modules enabling you for a journey within to find the hidden treasure of Unlimited Joy 

Why You Should Attend?

To find a formula to derive Happiness at all levels of life ensuring

  • Happiness in relations
  • Happiness at work
  • Happiness within

Training Highlights

  • 12 Live Online Sessions to unbox happiness
  • 90 minute per session. 1 session per week for over 3 months
  • Redifining Happiness 
  • Sources of Happiness in Life
  • Evaluating the efforts to ensure happiness in life
  • Happiness & Productivity 
  • Happiness- the driving force of life
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Mail us : reachus@pausenlearn.com

Course Information

Course Duration : 3 months

Course Fee : 5,110.00 INR

What will you learn (Course layout)

Module 1: The Ultimate Quest of life

Module 2: Happiness Redefined

Module 3: Sources of Happiness

Module 4: Three dimensional Happiness

Module 5: Happiness every single Moment

Module 6: Experiential session

Module 7: Understanding Self

Module 8: Its all in the Mind

Module 9: Re-engineering Self

Module 10: Science of Happy Relations -1

Module 11: Science of Happy Relations -2

Module 12: Let