Who Should Attend?

Those who are stuck with emotional baggage

Those who are seekers of inner reality

Those who want to learn the techniques of managing energy

Why You Should Attend?

While we are running very fast and finding ourselves losing energy because of the CHASE, the exertion is becoming heavy day by day

Mental blockages, Emotional baggages and Past karmic impressions reduces our energy levels and we find ourselves STUCK in the path of living

Energy Medicine is an attempt to help practitioners overcome this state of being and raise the consiousness further.

LIFE SKETCH, HEALING, UNDERSTANDING CHAKRAS AND AURA, EMOTION BALANCING TECHNIQUES, and many more practices area a part of Energy Medicine course 

Training Highlights

Understanding Human life as Energy flow

Fundamentals of Energy Body

Chakras & Auras- fundamentals and practices

Self healing techniques

Practice sessions on healing 

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Mail us : reachus@pausenlearn.com

Course Information

Course Duration : 3ṁonth- 16 sessions

Course Fee : 5,110.00 INR

What will you learn (Course layout)

Module 1: Recognizing Baggages of the Past

Module 2: Basic Spiritual Anatomy- Chakras & Aura

Module 3: Self Healing Techniques

Module 4: Maintaining the energy balance and minimizing the loss

Module 5: Human Mind and its Levels

Module 6: Psychic Surgery

Module 7: Healing others

Module 8: Spiritual Anatomy- Panchkosh- 5 sessions

Module 9: Resolution of life sketch