Do this to fight Depression

Sadness, Low energy, feeling lonely, loss of zeal; all these symptoms are quite familiar to us, but if they persist for a long duration, it might be depression. Depression usually has its deep-rooted cause lying in some life events or personality traits. By working on these, we can get good results which can help us avoid the possibility of medication. If you have started noticing these symptoms, try the below practices

Positive Start to the Day

How you start your day, plays a very important role. Make sure you fill yourself with some good vibes in early hours itself. You can opt for a walk in nature, or watering the plants. It can be a self-help book or your pet, or go to a Yoga Studio (hyperlink) and do breathing exercises and meditation.

Talk to someone

Now, while this seems simple, it’s not easy. You really need to make sure that you speak your heart out. Feelings need to be expressed in their truest form. You need to unburden yourself and many times it might get revealed in this exercise, that it was not such bad a situation as we were thinking it to be. You can opt for counseling (hyperlink) to a have a nonjudgmental environment for your expression.

Sound Therapy

One of the most fundamental energy streams that can help us come out of this mental state is Sound. Sound vibrations at different frequencies affect our brain waves naturally. The soothing music soothes the brain and an agitating sound disturbs it. The impact of music and sound in a way is no discovery to us. We all have experienced it many times.
When the sound is played at a certain harmony the brain is entrained and starts going into the deeper levels of peace and stability. The specially handcrafted Tibetan singing bowls create these meditative frequencies that help the body and mind heal them fast, thereby resulting in more happiness, peace, and stability in life. Take a pause and attempt it for boosting your inner strength

Do your Hobby

This is a proven technique. Start with learning music or teaching dance to your neighborhood kids. Getting engaged in something which you love doing, will revive the zeal and enthusiasm. It will clear the fog of despair and wipe off the old painful memories or thought

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