5 things you can do to keep the MOBILE MONSTER away

We need to understand that Mobile and TV provide an experience to our kids which they enjoy a lot and hence they want to get this experience again and again. If we want to keep them away, we will have to give them a better experience. Here is how we can do this

1. Play with Them – Gadgets give a lot of living, talking, moving, laughing creatures to your child to play with. Why would anyone leave such lively experience to sit with the lifeless toys, that too ALL ALONE

2. Give them FUN : Dancing, Painting, Fun PT, Puzzles can be the activities to channelize the physical and mental energy as well as enjoyment. Don’t be too serious about dance steps, a perfection of drawing and the cleanliness of painting. JUST HAVE FUN

3. They want just YOU: Researches have proven that children just want their parents. Only when they don’t get enough quality time with parents they get addicted to gadgets.

4. INVOLVE them: Doing everything for them makes your child’s day boring. Involve them right from choosing day’s clothing, helping in the kitchen, watering plants. Don’t avoid this because they mess it up, this extra effort is worth it

5. TAKE CARE: Your energy level and mental health plays a most important role in your relationship with your child. A tired parent will not be able to engage with the child. Make sure you get needed nutrition, do some Yoga & breathing exercises as along with keeping your body healthy it will help keep you cool too.


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